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Insider Fraud
An employee who was allowed to be exclusively responsible for handling their own clients with no oversight from the company management developed an overly close and eventually corrupt relationship with their clients. The initial failure by management to supervise the client relationships of this employee was compounded by their additional failure to implement sound risk management procedures such as conducting surprise audits and financial reconciliations. Eventually, the company suffered significant losses from fraudulent transactions which could have been prevented with sound risk measures.

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The Elusive Locate
Individuals avoiding service of process often change their routines and keep out of public view but they rarely if ever hide in the woods and most don’t even leave their home areas. Rannoch Consulting & Research has assisted numerous clients in locating elusive characters whose whereabouts were discovered through thorough and imaginative means.

What Are Their Assets and Where?
Those committing acts of outright misappropriation and otherwise causing losses to companies and to individuals, will naturally seek to enjoy the fruits of their activities. They spend the money on toys such as cars and vessels, even planes. Rannoch Consulting & Research has assisted clients with the tracing of such assets and determining whether the asset actually has any equity value.

Due Diligence: Do Your Homework
The old maxim “Look before You Leap” holds true for many business, investment and other decisions for which there are potential risks for loss not only to the bottom line but also to one’s personal reputation e.g. by associating with someone who is not quite as reputable as they portray themselves.

Mortgage Fraud: Permeates Like Water
As the changes to the mortgage lending industry and the stringency of the industry’s procedures continue, the mortgage fraudsters will be devising new ways to “beat the system”. These people are persuasive and personable. They are usually in a hurry. And they know how to exploit your weaknesses. They are often offering you the opportunity for business in a tight market. Do not be taken in – you don’t need their kind of business. If you are a closing agent, a realtor, a mortgage broker, appraiser, or even a buyer or seller of a home, and are being asked to do something that just doesn’t seem to be right or is e.g. at variance with the entries on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, contact Rannoch Consulting & Research.

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